About the firm AIM Avocats

Our values and how we support you 

Advice tailored to your needs

Our approach is completely personalized.

We work closely with each of our clients on a three-point process:

  1. Define your needs
  2. Listen to your constraints
  3. Understand your circumstances

We then use that information to tailor our proposals. Why do we do all that? Taking this pragmatic approach allows us to develop high quality support with high added value, which is exactly what our clients want.

We provide quick, precise, clear and practical solutions.

A small team of experts 

Together, our highly experienced professionals have several decades of know-how in managing Global Mobility. They have acquired that valuable experience in large companies serving French and international clients.

Because our team is small and we know our clients well, we can form quality partnerships. We are available at short notice and have fast response times, both in France and around the world. Because we specialize, we can offer our clients fast and effective decision-making. Because we are organized, we provide outstanding agility.

Your committed partner

Our firm takes a transversal approach to mobility to boost your international development.

That means we draw on a network of trusted, independent partners specializing in international issues in France and around the world. We have built this network over several years, and everyone involved shares our values and vision of customer service. Our approach is coherent. We look at your needs and coordinate all the partners that will be working with you.

In France, the firm works closely with:

  • Aultid, for employment law
  • VLG Lyon, for corporate tax law


Vanessa Calderoni

An experienced lawyer who has spent more than 20 years in Global Mobility, Vanessa has mainly worked at firms with international networks.

She began her career in the Human Capital department of EY Société d’Avocats, then joined Taj, Société d’Avocats (an entity within the international Deloitte network) in 2007, tasked with developing Global Mobility at the Lyon office, before being appointed Partner in 2013.

Vanessa founded AIM Avocats in 2019. Her aim was to provide her clients with tailor-made, local support. Her ambition was to channel her experience and pragmatism into developing the firm’s international reach and establishing long-term partnerships.

Vanessa supports French and foreign companies of all sizes with technical Global Mobility issues.

Her main areas of expertise are personal tax, social security and payroll management, as well as auditing and Global Mobility policy development. She regularly runs training courses in Global Mobility for human resources teams and operational staff. Vanessa is a lecturer for the master’s program in Corporate Law and Taxation and DJCE at Jean Moulin Lyon 3 university.


Attorney at the Lyon bar since 1999 Master’s degree in Business and Tax law / DJCE – Jean Moulin Lyon 3 university


French and English

Erika Albert

Erika is an experienced lawyer who has spent over a decade in Global Mobility.

Through her degree and professional practice, Erika has developed a versatile approach to Global Mobility. She has expert knowledge of Global Mobility issue (social security and personal tax law, among others.) which means she can offer across-the-board solutions and guide her clients as they implement them.

She works with French and international companies of all sizes and helps them to develop and manage Global Mobility.

She has specialist expertise in payroll for Global Mobility employees, which she acquired while developing a specific department on the issue.

She regularly speaks at training courses on Global Mobility for a variety of audiences.

Erika studied in Denmark for a year and spent two months on a professional project in Hong Kong. Through these experiences she understood the importance of offering quality support to employees, to make international projects successful for all parties.

Since 2011, Erika has lectured on “social protection for migrant workers within the European Union” as part of the professional master’s degree in labor law – international worker mobility.

Erika began her career at EY Société d’Avocats. She then joined Taj, Société d’Avocats (part of Deloitte’s international network) in 2010 and came to AIM Avocats in 2020.


Professional Master’s in Labor law – Global employee mobility – Institut d’Etude du Travail de Lyon
Master’s in Labor law – Institut d’Etude du Travail de Lyon
Master’s in European Law – Aarhus University, Denmark


French and English

Daphné Delaire

Daphné holds a Master’s degree in Business Law – Law and Financial Engineering from Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University.

After an internship in international mobility within EY Société d’Avocats, Daphné joined the international mobility team from Taj, Société d’Avocats (an entity within the international Deloitte network), where she stayed for several years.

Daphné then continued her career within the international mobility team at EY Société d’Avocats, and decided to join AIM in 2022.

Daphné is experienced in accompanying French and foreign companies through their questions related to personal taxation, social security and payroll management.


Master’s degree in Business Law – Law and Financial Engineering – Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University


French and English